How to bond with the dog? See our tips

To understand how to bond with the dog, we need, above all, to respect and accept it! There is a strong tendency in first-time tutors to turn the dog into a robot or let it do whatever it wants. Both situations are negative for the dog.

Training him so much that he can’t use his instincts or feel at ease in some situations is just as negative as letting him do any pranks all the time. Accustoming the dog to excesses is not the best way for him to bond with you.

However, dogs are amazing. They are so affectionate, needy and loving that the tutor may not show the slightest affection, that the dogs will continue to love him. This ends up being a negative point, as there are those who think that simply leaving the dog aside is enough to bond. And it’s not!

A dog needs attention, play, needs to spend energy and needs to feel your presence. Providing all the necessary snuggle is more than important for his mental health.

Love and affection are essential

The first step, then, to understand how to bond with the dog, is never to leave love and affection aside. This needs to happen on both sides! On the part of the dog, it will happen spontaneously and all the time. And for your part, it needs to happen too. But not just in the first few days. But yes, constantly.

These two points are considered a link between the tutor and the animal. From the moment that love and affection are transmitted from one side to the other, the bond will become much closer, more promising and stronger. After all, all the dog with longing wants, for example, is to welcome you with jumps and barks as a show of love.

Canine training is part of and can help

How to bond with the dog if he doesn’t even know what’s good or bad for him? You will be able to help him understand more of the context in which he lives so that he knows that you love him. For this, dog training is the gateway to better behavior and treatment of some crises.

For example, with proper training, the dog will feel less anxious about you being away. And this is positive, because he understands that, however long it takes, you will come back to him. Unlike what would happen if he was distressed by his absence, where the mental imbalance could have many consequences regarding the health of the animal.

So always think about providing a quieter and less hectic experience for your pet. So the bond created will be huge!

Do not accustom your dog badly

This is one of the points that make the dog love you the most in the short term: let him do anything! We have already mentioned this at the beginning of the text, and it is important that it be understood. A badly used dog will hardly have a balanced life. And the first moment you have to fight or deny something, he will feel embarrassed and this is not good in the long run.

A dog needs to have limits. And as hard as this may be for you to observe and for him to absorb at first, it will do a lot of good for the health of the relationship. Understanding how to bond with your dog is much more about how you can think rationally and act than giving him everything he asks for.

As much as the dog can feel happy getting everything in his time, in the long run, he can even become a depressed dog . For the excesses will help this happen. A lot of balance is needed!

How to bond with the dog: Never fight violently

Fighting is never positive. Even if the dog does something wrong, raising your voice to curse or criticize him is not positive. This will only cause him to have a huge mental imbalance because he thinks he is disappointing the tutor. As much as fixing it is necessary, do it with caution.

Never use profanity and much less force. Preferably, use short and imposing words. For example, a resounding “no!” it is much more effective than long sentences composed of anger.

In order for you to understand how to bond with the dog, you need to understand what he is feeling and how he behaves. Otherwise, you will hardly succeed in this regard. Always be willing to learn along with the dog and let him know that you love him, regardless of any situation he has “upset”.

Take good care of your puppy. After all, he already loves you more than anything else! Good luck.