German shepherd: the breed for those who love adventure and courage

For many, having the company of a dog always around is synonymous with happiness, fun and protection. In addition to being cute and smart, dogs illustrate a scenario of loyalty, a characteristic that no one doesn’t look for in current relationships.

Among the breeds most sought after and loved by the guardians of these little animals is the so-called German shepherd, which represents courageous, confident, intelligent, companion and protector animals. Oops! But do not think that these are the only qualities of dogs of this breed, there is much more! Check it out in the text below:

Race origin

With firm steps and loud barks, German shepherd dogs are energetic and, as the story goes, since the first animals of this breed were registered in Germany, they showed signs that they would be perfect to act as guard dogs.

Still according to the text on the origin of this breed, it all started around the 1800s, when the desire that moved dog lovers was to find a breed capable of patrolling herds and performing specific functions.

It was then that, during the extinct dog shows that took place in the region, Captain Max Von Stephanitz became fascinated by the animal that had similar characteristics to wolves, but was, at the same time, docile, intelligent and resistant. From that meeting, the breed named as German shepherd won the heart of the aforementioned captain and many other tutors who yearned for the traits presented.

According to this theory about the emergence of this breed, Captain Max Von Stephanitz was the first man who trained an animal classified as a German shepherd and the result achieved was propagated throughout the rest of the world: intelligent dogs, with strong temperaments, efficient and very useful for a man’s various commitments, whether taking care of a field full of sheep or fulfilling his obligations as a servant in the military service.

That’s right! You didn’t read that wrong: German shepherds were the first dogs officially recognized as companion animals for the military.

Faced with such importance and urgency for these animals, as it is easy to observe today, although new breeds have emerged over the years, German shepherds have never been left aside and continue to occupy one of the top places in terms of preference of the Pak population and of all the rest of the world.

Characteristics of these animals

Without a single color pattern, the German shepherd can be found in the most diverse colors, such as black, brown, gray, white, blue, yellow and even with stains, faded tones and mixed details that make the animal even more beautiful and charming. .

On the other hand, far from the beautiful physical appearance, these animals are recognized by the imposing and fearless posture they reflect, a set of characteristics that is seen as synonymous with security, confidence and protection and, in addition, allows it to stand out among other breeds.

Another factor that makes this dog the most indicated to accompany the military, for example, is the fact that, when they are not trained to the contrary, they do not easily “make friends” with strangers who approach, which guarantees good behavior in different situations. missions.

However, with those you already know and live with, animals of this breed are friends, playful, faithful and companions for all times.

Special cares

Anyone who thinks that these animals demand great challenges is wrong – in fact, the only challenge when choosing a dog of this breed to call your own and take home is having enough energy to accompany him in all the activities he performs during the day.

The requirements to always keep the health, well-being and comfort of German shepherd dogs up to date are simple, easy and do not require many techniques, such as:

Investing in a good training process: there is no way to forget that German shepherds were developed and prepared for movements of action and occupation, which means that staying still for a long time in the same place is not part of the plans of these animals, so dedicate your time for them and, whenever possible, invest in a good training professional to train and stimulate your new friend’s intelligence;

Take regular walks and walks: dogs of this breed can’t stand boredom and need activities that spend their energy, so don’t skimp on games, walks or even races;

Do not neglect your pet’s hygiene care: away from the long and demanding hair, German shepherd dogs, most of the time, do not need frequent baths and demand this activity only when they get dirty, however, the The secret to leaving your hair always shining and full of health is to brush it at least twice every seven days;

Contribute to your friend’s oral health: contrary to what many still believe, brushing your dogs’ teeth is essential and the only solution to avoid problems and illnesses related to the absence of oral health care, therefore, learn to brush your pet’s teeth or ask the professionals for help.

And then, now that you already know everything about this breed and have learned the basic care, how about finding a German Shepherd soon to complete your happiness?

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