In that case, the tutor needs to look for a veterinarian as soon as possible to make an accurate diagnosis. The sooner you find out why the dog is coughing dryly, the better.

we will help you understand more about this subject. In this article, understand about dry coughing dogs, what to do, what can cause this problem and how to avoid it from now on.

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Dog coughing dry – What could it be?

If the cough is wet, this could be related to a lung problem, such as pneumonia . But for a dog who has a dry cough, it could indicate that something is different in his throat.

Therefore, it is important for the tutor to check the environment. See if the dog hasn’t swallowed anything and try to understand when this cough started. Do a critical analysis of what happened in the hours before the cough and see if you find anything out of the ordinary.

Some reasons that can leave a dog coughing dry:

  • The dog may be choking.
  • Allergies to the environment (dust, pollen, among other things).
  • Eating too fast.
  • Dog flu.
  • Laryngeal problems.
  • Goose cough in a dog.

Next, understand more about the subject.

The dog may be choking

You certainly already know that a dog can choke on things in the environment, right? If you don’t know, know that this is a serious problem and that the tutor needs to be careful strictly 24 hours a day.

Choking can be caused by pointy toys, which release parts, leather bones and things that can lock in the dog’s throat. If it’s something small, he’ll choke and may cough dryly.

But if it’s something bigger, it could lead the dog to death. After all, his breathing is compromised and therefore he could die without air.

Allergies to the environment (dust, pollen, among other things)

Another factor that can leave the dog coughing dry is allergy. Yes, dogs have different allergies and this could be causing him to have a dry cough as his throat could be irritated.

Allergies to dust, pollen and mites that are in the environment is even common. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your dog does not have access to this type of contamination. Leave him in a comfortable, clean and sanitized environment.

Some canine allergies can be externalized from a dry cough. Others may appear from symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing and even constant itching in the dog’s body.

eat too fast

If there’s one thing dogs love, it’s eating! They are really passionate about it since food is all about survival. That is, it is tied to the canine instinct.

However, there is a serious problem involving this excessive desire to eat. When the dog goes very thirsty (or hungry) to the pot, he may choke and may have other problems, such as gastric torsion.

So don’t let your dog eat too fast. Therefore, feeding it more times a day is important. Two to three times a day at least. So the dog does not accumulate hunger and desire to eat.

dog flu

Canine flu is another factor that causes dogs to have serious dry cough problems. The flu obviously causes the dog’s respiratory system to be compromised and the throat can become dry.

Wet cough, however, is something else. She can also come with the flu, but wet cough can be related to other lung problems, such as pneumonia.

A dry cough can be caused by an infection from some contagious disease. The dog may have picked it up on the street, in the park, in a hotel or in another environment with more dogs.

laryngeal problems

A compromised larynx can also be known from canine dry cough. The larynx, however, indicates that the dog has a problem related to choking.

Only the one who can identify this is the veterinarian. Therefore, if you notice your dog with a dry cough, do not hesitate.  Don’t let too much time pass, as the problem can get worse.

It’s better to hear from the vet that the dog doesn’t have a problem than to hear that you should have taken him before, right?

Dry coughing dog – Goose cough in dogs

Have you ever heard of goose cough in dogs? This is another condition that can leave your dog with a dry cough. However, in a different way than usual.

Goose cough can be related to factors such as gastric torsion. It happens to dogs who tend to eat too quickly for whatever reason.

How to prevent your dog from having a dry cough

A dog with a dry cough is a dog that is going through a problem. Therefore, it is essential to consider looking for a veterinarian as soon as possible.

But much better than cure, is prevention, isn’t it? So, here are some tips on how to prevent your dog from having a dry cough:

  • Regular visits to the veterinarian.
  • Vaccination up to date.
  • Accurate diagnosis (and not homemade).
  • Safe environmental enrichment.
  • Watch out for things that bring pet allergy.

See these tips in action.

Regular visits to the vet

One of the best ways to prevent your dog from having a dry cough is to take him to the vet regularly. Of course, it doesn’t have to be every month. But at least twice a year, it’s interesting.

It is from a constant consultation with the veterinarian that you can, in fact, understand what are the best practices with your dog. The vet will explain how to deal with some situations and this is great for preventing problems at home.

In addition, with regular consultations, the veterinarian will be able to examine certain regions that are eventually different. If the dog happens to have a strange cough on the day of the consultation, he will leave medicated.

Dog coughing dry – Vaccination up to date

Another determining factor in ensuring that your dog is healthy is vaccination. Up-to-date vaccination is what ensures that the dog does not have any problems that can be easily avoided, such as some types of contamination, viruses and parasites.

Especially in the puppy stage, providing all the vaccines your dog needs is very important. It is at this stage that the pet’s organism begins to be induced to create antibodies and thus be protected from problems in the future.

Accurate diagnosis (and not homemade)

Another way to avoid a dry coughing dog is with an accurate diagnosis. That is, the diagnosis needs to indicate exactly what your dog has and thus treat this problem.

This means that you should never do home diagnostics. That is, acting on the basis of achism, in order to “think” that the dog has this or that.

Only the veterinarian can make a proper diagnosis of your dog’s dry cough. Remember this.

Dog coughing dry – Safe environmental enrichment

Environmental enrichment for your dog is very important. That’s what ensures his best development, he doesn’t get bored and waste energy.

However, be careful what you put into the environment. Buy suitable, safe toys that don’t come loose and cannot be easily swallowed!

Beware of things that bring pet allergy

And finally, beware of situations that may bring allergy to your pet. The more you create a safe environment for your dog, the better for his development, safety and health.

Flowers, toxic plants, dust, mites and other types of issues can leave your dog with allergic conditions. In addition to itching and sneezing, he may have a dry cough and other problems.

A dry coughing dog needs veterinary care and thus receive proper treatment. It can often be something simple and quick to deal with. But other times, it could be something more serious that requires quick action.