Discover the benefits of traveling with your pet

That traveling is wonderful, I believe it is a consensus, but have you thought about the advantage of traveling and still being able to take all the family members? That’s right, take your best friend, your pet! Now this is possible with the pet friendly hotel service.

You must be wondering what is the benefit of taking your pet on a trip, but beforehand, we can assure you that traveling with your furry friend is guaranteed fun. Therefore, we want you to know the advantages of traveling with your pet and understand what a pet friendly hotel is, come with us and we will tell you everything.

What is a pet friendly hotel?

Our pet friends are part of many homes across the country, but they are not always included when it comes to discovering new places or changing environments. That’s because, it’s not always very easy for the pet to get around or have a friendly environment to welcome them. Pet friendly hotels come precisely with the proposal to make it simple and include your pet in all trips, because there is nothing better than enjoying your stay and moments of leisure with the whole family.

We know how sad it is to leave the house without being able to take your furry friend with you, especially if the trip is longer. Or even having to bother family members or friends to take care of it, or finding a reliable little hotel for the pet. A hotel is considered pet friendly when you can stay and have the company of your pet.

The places that are pet friendly know that all the love and affection that pets deserve, therefore, they have an appropriate structure to receive them and

offer services focused on pets. Planning a trip because you don’t have anyone or where to leave your pet will no longer be a problem, you can explore the world together. And in addition to collecting memories, they will be able to enjoy comfort.

Some pet friendly hotels even provide bed, food and personalized food bowls for their little friends, in addition to the welcome snack, think of the cuteness!

4 Advantages of traveling with your Pet

We will tell you 4 main advantages of traveling with your 4-legged friend:


Nothing worse than having to go through that tragic moment of farewell, where the pet looks at you with an abandoned face… the biggest advantage of taking your pet to travel with you is, without a doubt, being able to always have it by your side. Sharing and receiving a lot of affection! Sharing moments of joy and having fun together with your furry friend will surely make your trip more vibrant.


Nothing better than having your pet next to you. Without having to wonder where to leave the pet when traveling. No need to bother looking for where to leave your little friend or having to check if the place is really safe for him. With him close to you, all care and safety are guaranteed.


Another advantage is economic, instead of paying for the traditional “pet hotel”, where your little friend may not always feel so comfortable, in addition to being stressed by having to interact with other little friends, it ends up becoming a

extra travel expense. As much as it is a reliable place, it is not known if it will be safe and well. And the pet suffers away from the owner, taking it on a trip is an advantage for both.

Guaranteed fun

Traveling with your pet will make the trip more lively and busy. Imagine you and your pet doing “stand up paddle”, running along the beach, watching the sunset from the top of the mountain, exploring a castle or taking a trail full of emotion and adventures… can go and have fun with you.

Tips when choosing a Pet Friendly Hotel

Now that you already know some advantages and are ready to plan the trip with your little friend. We have some tips that are important to choose when choosing the best pet friendly hotel for you to venture out. Check out:

● Call : Once you’ve decided on your destination, call the pet friendly hotel to find out if your dog or kitten’s size is allowed at the place or if there is an additional fee (some places define it by weight and size).

● Always by your side: Look for pet friendly hotels that offer activities for you and your pet. And that it has specialized professionals to supervise.

● Environment: Places with a large outdoor area for dogs, and when it comes to cats, be careful. Check if the pet friendly hotel has a room with a screen, call ahead to find out, if you don’t keep your kitten with you, always with a guide, and keep the bedroom windows closed.

● Cleaning : If in the bedroom or in the external area of ​​the environment, there will be space for your pet to do its business. Some pet friendly hotels offer sanitary pads or bags.

● Vaccination card: Don’t forget to bring your pet’s vaccination document with you.

“Auuuu” all ready to go

Like all hotel services, the goal of pet friendly hotels is to make you and your furry friend have an unforgettable experience. Full of happy days, comfort, and many memories for you to have as a family.

Don’t waste time, and start planning your trip with your pet today, come and be part of the future where our little friends gain more and more spaces of well-being. Take the opportunity and get to know a pet friendly hotel right away, making sure that your pet will be well received where it will be staying, with all the affection, care and, most importantly, your presence!

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