After all, baths are not just a hygienic factor. It is also a health factor.

But you have to use the right products so that your best friend doesn’t have problems like poisoning and even skin allergies. This involves a correct choice of shampoos for the dog.

Can you use human shampoo on a dog?

No. You cannot use human shampoo on a dog. Or at least, it shouldn’t. After all, there are countless reasons for you to avoid this type of situation.

But the main reason of all is related to how your dog will react to the shampoo. Even because human shampoo is made for humans, not for dogs.

Some dogs can suffer a lot after cleaning with human shampoo. After all, human shampoo has different ingredients that can cause discomfort in your dog.

Some other problems that can occur when you use human shampoo on a dog:

  • Changing the pH of the dog’s skin.
  • Allergies and wounds on the skin.
  • Intoxications.

Find out more about these factors below.

Can you use human shampoo on a dog – Changing the pH of the dog’s skin

Now that you know you can’t use human shampoo on a dog (or at least you shouldn’t), you know that there are health reasons involved.

One of them is changing the pH of the dog’s skin. That is, the protective layer of the dog’s skin is altered. Therefore, the dog can easily be left unprotected from the moment this happens.

Therefore, human shampoo can bring numerous disturbances to your best friend’s skin. Even if for us the shampoo is harmless.

Therefore, never use (or avoid as much as possible) having to use human shampoo to bathe your dog.

Skin allergies and wounds

Allergies and wounds on the dog’s skin, unfortunately, are very common from the moment there is a lack of control of the products used.

That is, if you use any product on the dog’s skin, it may suffer from some types of allergies and wounds.

These sores and allergies are caused by numerous factors. Poor hygiene is obviously one of those factors.

However, the “excessive hygiene” factor or “use of wrong products” can also bring allergies to the dog’s skin. After all, she is more sensitive than our skin.

Therefore, you cannot use human shampoo on a dog.

After all, human shampoo can easily unbalance the functioning of the dog’s skin protection, he can scratch a lot and then have skin sores .

Can you use human shampoo on a dog – Poisoning

Intoxications are also part of all the problems your best friend can get when using human shampoo on his body.

After all, human shampoo is made differently than canine shampoos. The ingredients are different.

Therefore, your dog can get intoxicated with the shampoo going into the eye, into a wound or even into the private parts.

That’s why it’s important that you don’t hesitate to use only canine shampoos for your best friend’s bath. You can’t use human shampoo on a dog, either, because the dog can get sick from it.

Even if possible intoxication is not serious, it is still very important that it be avoided. So you avoid canine stress , anxiety and discomfort.

When can human shampoo be used on a dog?

The main tip of this article is: you cannot use human shampoo on a dog. Therefore, you need to avoid using it for routine baths in your dog as much as possible.

However, if you use human shampoo only once through carelessness or ignorance, that’s okay. Your dog might be uncomfortable for that, for sure.

But then you might already know that the best way to bathe the dog is with canine shampoo or a dry bath .

Even if the dog is in dire need of a bath, still prefer to just do it with water (if there is no canine shampoo at home).

Tip: always have canine shampoo in stock indoors. This will help you to never “stay in your hands” and have to use human shampoo in urgent situations.

The importance of using pet products on your dog

Using the right shampoo on your best dog friend is key. After all, this will prevent a series of health and behavioral problems, such as:

  • Prevents allergies.
  • The skin is not injured.
  • The dog is not contaminated.
  • The eyes do not burn.
  • Soft and clean coat.
  • In addition to hygiene, it keeps the pet’s health up to date.

Prevents allergies

By using a humane shampoo on your dog, you are putting his health and well-being at risk. After all, human shampoo can easily leave the dog suffering from an allergy.

Canine allergies are common to several factors. But mostly those related to basic care for your dog.

Therefore, when using incorrect products, the dog may suffer from canine allergies.

Can you use human shampoo on a dog – The skin is not injured

Human shampoo for dogs is conducive to making the dog itch due to allergies , as you read in the previous topic. Therefore, it is not uncommon for your dog to appear with wounds the next day.

These wounds are not necessarily caused by the use of human shampoo. But yes, for the misuse of a shampoo that can bring itchiness and allergy to the dog.

Soon, he will have skin sores from excessive itching.

The dog is not contaminated

A human shampoo on the dog’s skin can easily unbalance the dog’s health. It’s not something that will lead the dog to serious contamination frames.

However, when in contact with eyes, intimate parts and even wounds, human shampoo can leave the dog with some kind of contamination.

He may have vomiting, sneezing and even allergies.

Can you use human shampoo on a dog – eyes don’t sting

Dog shampoos were made especially for dogs. That is, everything in the formula was designed so that dogs do not feel discomfort.

One of these discomforts that canine shampoo avoids is burning eyes. Whereas human shampoo can easily get into the dog’s eyes and then he will suffer a lot for it.

This is one more reason not to use human shampoo on your dog. After all, this burning in the dog’s eyes can lead to anxiety, running around the house, etc.

Soft and clean coat

Canine shampoo is made for the pH of the dog’s skin. Therefore, it is specially made so that the dog’s skin does not suffer from a heavy and inappropriate chemical product.

However, another benefit that canine shampoo brings after bathing is the correct hygiene of the hair and their softness. The hair is hydrated, as the canine shampoo has a specific formula for this.

Human shampoo can leave your dog’s hair dehydrated, dry and even brittle.

In addition to hygiene, it keeps the pet’s health up to date.

Another great benefit of canine shampoo for dogs is that this shampoo is made not only to sanitize the dog. But also, to make you healthy!

After all, canine shampoo has fantastic properties to keep your dog protected from parasites and other problems that may eventually arise.

Dog shampoo has properties to eliminate germs, fungi and other types of problems that the dog may have or develop.

So never give up using specific products for your dog’s hygiene!

The importance of bathing your dog correctly

Giving the dog correct baths is very important for it to have a superior quality of life.

Baths are much more “deep” than just to sanitize and leave the dog’s hair clean.

Baths help eliminate any bacteria and germs that are developing in your best friend. Especially those with long hair or floppy ears.

In addition, baths help to eliminate impregnated dirt in more inaccessible places, such as in the middle of the nails or on the side of the pads of the paws.

Therefore, it is very important that the baths are done routinely and with an adequate interval.

Never bathe your dog every day or close by. Excessive bathing is also harmful for the dog, as the dog’s skin is more sensitive.