Therefore, you can cut a dog’s nail without fear. After all, dog nails are similar to ours. Therefore, they can be cut without any problem, as long as they are carefully and attentively cut.

Can you cut a dog’s nail?

Yes. It can cut dog nail without any problem.

After all, dog nails can become a problem for the animal itself if there is excessive and continuous growth.

Therefore, you can cut a dog’s nail without pain or suffering on the part of the dog. But for that to happen, a series of dog preparations need to happen.

In addition, the tutor himself needs to understand how to make the dog comfortable and know where the exact points are to cut a dog’s nail.

After all, it’s not anywhere that the nail can be cut.

Dog nails are layers of old skin that grow and are keratinized. But inside them, there are nerve endings that, if hit by a dog nail clipper, can hurt and make the dog feel pain.

But do not worry. Also in this article, see some tips on how to cut correctly, as you can cut a dog’s nail.

Next, see some reasons to do so!

Why cutting a dog’s nail is important

Now that you know that you can cut a dog’s nail, it’s time to understand how important this is for the animal.

After all, many times we don’t even notice. But cutting a dog’s nail is something that should be part of the animal’s hygiene and care routine .

Since cutting the dog’s nails is routine, it is not always put into practice by the tutor. Either for reasons of ignorance or for reasons of fear.

After all, cutting nails requires a certain skill of patience and care.

You can’t just grab your nail clippers and try to cut your dog’s nails. Much less any scissors, which can hurt the dog.

Below is a list of reasons to consider having your dog’s nails trimmed repeatedly.

  • Big nails are uncomfortable.
  • They can promote friction on the floor.
  • It impairs the locomotion of the pet.
  • They use their nails for balance.
  • Nails are important for digging.
  • Prevents injuries in case of jumps/jokes.
  • Prevents sofa rips.

Big nails are uncomfortable

First of all, it is important to understand that large nails are absolutely uncomfortable for dogs. Just like for us, they can get in the way of a number of simple everyday activities, like just walking!

Yes, big nails can cause pain, discomfort and many other problems for your best friend. He can even have problems with his bones, because he walks in a forced way due to his big nails.

Not to mention that big nails are much more likely to break.

And a broken nail is obviously synonymous with pain and suffering. Therefore, keeping them short helps a lot in the health and well-being of the dog.

Can cut dog nail – Can promote friction on the floor

The large nails on the dog’s paws are very likely to cause friction on the floor. That is, when they are walking, the big nails will get in the way. They will drag on the ground and somehow break.

But even if they don’t break, this friction on the ground is extremely uncomfortable and exhausting for dogs. They need to make unnatural body movements and therefore this will generate other problems – such as pain in the spine and legs.

The dog can also be discouraged when walking and practicing physical exercises when the nails are long. After all, he knows this is going to be torture, so he’s going to hesitate.

Impairs the locomotion of the pet

Pet locomotion is one of the most important factors for him to be a healthy dog. After all, without adequate locomotion, he can have problems such as diabetes and other things arising from sedentary lifestyle .

Therefore, it is essential to cut the dog’s nails so that he is not discouraged from walking and exercising.

Nails should be short and straight, without causing pain when walking.

In this way, an interesting tip to consider is the straight nail cut. This is a closer cut to the floor and, when the dog walks, the nail will not be pointed enough to poke the floor.

They use their fingernails for balance

Did you know that nails are very important to ensure the balance of the puppy’s body? In addition to them, we humans also take advantage of this characteristic to stand up efficiently.

Dogs need nails to be able to walk correctly, with posture and comfort. Without the nails, the paws would be directly on the ground and they would not have the same sensitivity.

Sensitivity is very important for the dog to be able to walk properly. He knows where he’s stepping, paws stay safe and other benefits.

Can Cut Dog Nails – Nails are important for digging

If there’s one thing dogs love to do, it’s digging. Digging is part of a dog’s routine, as it’s part of the instinct. That is, instinctively, dogs need to dig .

There’s no way to stop them from digging, so the best way to deal with it is to let them expend that energy. That way they won’t be digging into your living room sofa.

However, curiously, nails gain another important function in the dog’s life: digging! Yes, they need their nails to dig.

But if they are big, it will be uncomfortable and may even hurt.

Therefore, you can cut the dog’s nail without fear. But always correctly, so that they can do what they always did.

Prevents injuries in case of jumping/playing

Short nails are very comfortable for dogs. They allow him to carry on with all the sensitivities and needs that a canine nail provides.

But for pranks , jumping and “crazy runs”, big nails are not beneficial either. You will hardly see any benefit in letting your dog’s nails grow long.

So don’t hesitate: cut them. Therefore, your dog will have much more comfort and peace of mind to play, run and have fun on all types of terrain.

Can cut dog nail – Prevents sofa rips

Another benefit of cutting the dog’s nail (for him and for you) is that, in this way, he avoids tearing the couch. After all, if you have a dog that likes to dig the couch, know that you can avoid major problems.

The first thing to do is cut the dog’s nails. Thus, the chances of him tearing the couch decrease.

But besides this, you need to understand why the dog digs. Then you need to create a proper routine for him to send that energy to something else — not couch digging.

Tips on how to cut a dog’s nail

By now, you already know that you can cut a dog’s nail. But how to do it?

Here are some practical tips:

  1. Secure immobilization.
  2. Cut only in the region of the tips.
  3. Sand after cutting.
  4. Offer treats after cutting.

secure immobilization

First of all, we need to understand that immobilizing the dog is important. Never cut the dog’s nails with him free and loose.

He can get hurt and so can you.

So cover the dog with a wrap or something that makes him comfortable. Then start cutting slowly, without forcing the bar. Especially if this is the first time.

Cut only at the ends

It is very important that the dog’s nail clipping takes place in a safe manner. That is, you can’t cut his nails and leave him in pain after the process.

So watch the nail nerve endings. Light nails will have a reddish area just beyond the tips. There’s blood and nerve endings there.

That is, you need to cut before that, only the ends.

Sand after cutting

If you file your dog’s nails after clipping them, they will have an even more comfortable finish. There will be no splinters/edges that can later develop into a broken or torn nail.

Offer treats after cutting

And finally, offer your best friend a treat . After all, this was a difficult and uncomfortable process. Therefore, he needs to know that he has done very well and should be rewarded for it.

With time, the dog will understand that it’s ok to cut the nail, because he knows that at the end of the process he will receive a reward!