The truth is that it depends on numerous factors. Sadness can, yes, lead the dog to extreme situations, such as self-mutilation and also the lack of appetite and cheer.

But do not worry. In this article, we will help you understand everything about the topic. Therefore, you should continue reading to find out more.

Can a dog die of sadness?

Yes, a dog can die of sadness when he is in extreme situations. That is, when he is in situations that lead to serious health problems. Canine depression is a very serious problem for dogs. After all, it is from canine depression that a number of other problems can arise.

Therefore, he may suffer from several other problems and then have a considerable worsening in his health condition.

Canine sadness or deep depression in dogs is caused by several factors. But don’t worry. Find out more about these factors below.

But first, understand why the dog can die of sadness, even indirectly:

  • He can mutilate himself in situations of sadness;
  • The dog stops eating because he is depressed;
  • He doesn’t feel like exercising and then he can become a sedentary dog;
  • A sedentary lifestyle can develop serious illnesses;
  • The lack of adequate food due to sadness can cause the dog to be malnourished.

That is, canine sadness develops a series of other problems that, yes, can lead your dog to death in the most serious cases.

Next, understand what can cause deep sadness in dogs.

What can cause deep sadness in dogs

Numerous factors can cause deep sadness in dogs. After all, deep sadness is fully related to everyday life and also your dog’s routine. A dog may feel sad because he doesn’t go for a walk. But he can also feel sad because his owner doesn’t give him enough affection.

Problems, those, that you already know can, yes, lead the dog to death.

Here are some factors that can cause deep sadness in dogs:

  • Death of a family member.
  • Changes in the family environment.
  • Situations that generated trauma for your dog.
  • Feeling forgotten by the guardian (separation anxiety).
  • Little space for leisure and fun.

Find out more about these factors below.

Dog can die of sadness – Death of someone in the family

The death of someone in the house is always a burden. Both for people and pets. Yes, pets also feel when someone from inside the house and routine is no longer present in everyday life.

This factor can lead the dog to deep sadness and depression. Especially if the person was extremely close to the dog. In addition to people, dogs also miss other pets that were part of their routine. That is, if your dog’s companion dies, the one who stays can be very sad about it.

Therefore, it is essential to understand that, at that moment, your dog will need attention and affection. He needs to know he’s still welcome in that home.

Dog can die of sadness – Changes in the family environment

Another factor that can cause some type of depressive stress in your dog is changes in the family environment. That is, the physical changes in routine and also in the house. A dog needs an established and very well-marked routine to understand that everything is ok. Dogs benefit from routine because they understand “what will happen next”.

That is, there is a sequel to the day.

This sequence is important so that the dog does not get anxious and stressed, living in randomness. So, if this routine disappears or if it never exists, the dog may become depressed.

Situations that generated trauma for your dog

All situations that come out of a dog’s routine are not always welcome. After all, routine is very important for the dog, as you understood in the previous topic. Therefore, one factor that can easily make your dog depressed or in deep sadness is trauma. A dog that suffers a very big trauma can develop depression.

After all, traumas are a set of factors that can easily make the dog uncomfortable. It could be due to a situation, a fright, a very great fear, a stress experienced recently, etc.

Feeling forgotten by the guardian (separation anxiety)

Dogs are passionate about their owners. Tutors are the ones who provide food, affection, comfort and security. This is why dogs connect so quickly. Therefore, if there is any kind of feeling of forgetfulness on the part of the dog, he may be sad. That is, if the tutor shows coldness and little affection, the dog will feel it.

In addition, the separation anxiety factor is also very present in depression.

After all, separation anxiety is very troublesome for the dog, as the dog feels that he has been abandoned.

Dog can die of sadness – Little space for leisure and fun

And finally, another factor that can easily make the dog sad and deeply depressed is the lack of space to play and have fun.

That is, little leisure space. Even if you live in an apartment or in small places, it is essential to take your dogs for a walk and have fun. That’s what will ensure their physical and mental health.

Fun in open places, where they can run and entertain themselves with the tutor, is very important for the well-being of pets.

Staying closed all the time is not cool and can bring canine depression.

How to prevent your dog from becoming depressed

A dog can die of sadness from the moment the problems related to sadness evolve into something more serious. After all, as you’ve learned so far, sadness can make the dog mutilate itself, develop wounds, infections, become malnourished and other factors.

These factors can lead to serious illnesses and even death.

So, here’s how to prevent your dog from becoming depressed:

  • Toys and fun.
  • Create a marked and safe routine for the dog.
  • Creative and safe environmental enrichment.
  • Give your dog plenty of affection and love.

Next, understand more about these ideas to put them into practice.

Games and fun

Your dog’s pranks and fun are really important for him to be a happy dog. After all, games allow your dog to expend energy and thus be an active dog. So never stop playing and having fun with your best friend. Both at home and away from home. This type of exercise stimulates the physical and mental and helps the dog not to be sad.

Create a scheduled and safe routine for the dog

Another important factor in ensuring your dog’s physical and mental health is creating a proper routine. That is, a healthy, well-marked routine with non-random sequences. Routine is very important for dogs. They need to know what the “next steps” are for the day so they don’t get anxious and stressed.

So, have a schedule for everything: playing, going for a walk, going to the bathroom, going to the vet, giving food, offering snacks, training positive reinforcement, etc.

Creative and safe environmental enrichment

Environmental enrichment is obviously a determining factor for your dog to be happy. After all, it is with the environmental enrichment that he will be able to spend good hours indoors having fun. Especially if you spend a lot of time away from home, environmental enrichment is essential. But even if you stay at home for a long time, environmental enrichment is important.