Bored dog – how to avoid it?

When does the bored dog show signs? This is one of the questions many tutors ask themselves. Either out of curiosity or to actually act in a given situation. However, it is not always easy to identify boredom in dogs. For it may appear in many different forms, on different occasions and manifests.

Boredom is nothing more than a compilation of negative and distressing feelings. That is, it can arise from situations where the dog goes through a lot of stress, tiredness or loneliness. Furthermore, it is very common for dogs to get bored of certain games or toys which, in the medium and long term, can lead to problems in this regard.

Therefore, there is no recipe to get the dog out of boredom in a few minutes. But there are some steps and methods that you can adopt so that the dog feels good, happy and with energy and will again. See our tips below.

Avoid leaving him alone for a long time.

As we mentioned earlier, boredom can arise from different motives and needs. And the main one is loneliness. Therefore, do what you can to prevent the dog from being left alone for too long. Of course, this is not always an easy task, since the days are increasingly busy with work and other commitments.

But keeping the dog alone for a long time can lead to serious problems of boredom and, later, exaggerated extravasation with its arrival. That is, the dog’s behavior may change and this is not positive. After all, we know that the more a dog has unbalanced and unmonitored behaviors, the more he can suffer from problems related to anxiety, anguish and sadness.

Therefore, one of the surest ways to make dogs bored is to leave them home alone for a long time. However, the problem can be slightly avoided. Or at least controlled if you keep toys around the house and other ways to keep him entertained. For example, if you go out while your dog is still sleeping in the morning, leave food and toys in the rooms so he can come looking for you.

This is not only a way for him to postpone the realization that you are not there, but it is also a way for him to find something to do as soon as he wakes up. And this takes us directly to the next topic. Follow along.

Provide toys and entertainment

So that a bored dog has a better chance of avoiding this very serious and common problem, one of the most valuable tips is not to skimp on entertainment toys. And when we talk about “not saving money”, it does not mean that you should buy hundreds of toys and give them to the dog at once. After all, doing this, he will quickly get bored.

Having an interesting range of toys is one of the most creative and intelligent ways for you to actually keep your dog away from a tedious condition. For example, you could use the aforementioned technique to keep yourself entertained while you’re out and about.

Leave toys scattered around the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Preferably hide some under the bed or sofa. This will make the animal find them little by little where he walks. And so, manage to fill in the gaps to spend the energy.

And if the toys are hidden, it creates an extra step: the challenge. A dog that feels challenged will expend a lot of energy. And, in this case, he will lose hours trying to “hunt” for the hidden toy. Which will keep him well away from boredom.

In addition, it is also very important that you play with him and keep him entertained while you are at home. So he will understand that he is not abandoned and will be happy with his presence.

Take regular walks and walks

One of the most common attributes of a bored dog is, without a doubt, staying in the same environment for a long time. Of course, they need to understand that they live in a certain place and that this will not change. However, you can (and should) alleviate this situation by going out and walking throughout the day.

Going out with the dog for a walk, exercising or even for him to get some fresh air, especially if you live in an apartment, is fundamental. Not only will this make him feel much more alive, but it will also prevent severe boredom conditions. In addition, walking or exercising with the animal is of paramount importance for its health to catch up!

Avoid confining the animal for bad behavior

A situation that is very common for tutors who do not have much experience is confinement or even punishment after bad behavior. It is important to point out that the animal’s behavior does need to be corrected, but in the right way.

Confinement as a form of punishment is extremely harmful. It can lead the dog not only to extreme conditions of boredom, but also, it will make the dog scared , stressed and much more aggressive!

There are methods and ways to treat certain behaviors. And yes, keeping the animal trapped in an enclosure, especially in the first days of life, is a technique to help it adapt. But this cannot be considered a form of punishment. For this is extremely harmful.

Training can be very useful to help a bored dog

Finally, we must understand that a bored dog is not just a reflection of an action. But several. Whether it’s him being home alone for a long time, whether he’s running out of toys, whether he’s being trapped in a certain room with fear and stress. In this way, you can (and should) bet on good dog training.

Dog training is one of the most effective ways to build behavior that will benefit you. But mainly for the dog in the medium and long term. Simple training actions can make the animal’s day to day much more peaceful. Not only will he understand that being alone is normal, he will also understand what to do when he feels a certain sensation.

Furthermore, this will help the dog to remain balanced so that there are no overeatings. Not sadness, not happiness, not boredom. Everything in its time and in its time. Good luck!