Black cat: why adopt one?

Black cat is not synonymous with bad luck and this is just a superstition. See curiosities about him and advantages of adopting a cat of this color!

The black cat for many years was the target of prejudice, fear and folklore, especially here in Pak.

Many people believe that if a black cat crosses your path, it will bring bad luck. And this ends up causing black cats to be left out of adoption, in addition to being mistreated.

But did you know that in Germany, for example, the black cat is a symbol of good luck? They say that if he passes you, from left to right, good things will happen in your life.

Therefore, in this text we came to demystify the beliefs regarding the black cat, tell you curiosities about it and also show you how good adopting one of these cats can be! Let’s go?

Black cat is not bad luck

For starters, let’s just say the truth. Black cat is not synonymous with bad luck and this is just a superstition.

This myth comes from a long time ago, since in the Middle Ages people believed that black cats were witches who turned into the animal. If he passed you, bad things would happen.

In the 15th century, by the way, several black cats were burned in the Inquisition alongside people accused of witchcraft. They were related to evil spirits and were included in the list of heretics who should be persecuted.

However, in other cultures and in various parts of the world, such as the United Kingdom and Asia, the black cat is a sign of luck, which proves that everything is nothing more than cultural beliefs.

Curiosities about the black cat

If you are intrigued by this animal, let us tell you some interesting facts about it. Ah, the first step is to say that the black cat is not a breed, but a hair color.

How many black coat breeds are there?

There are 22 breeds of cats that can have a black coat color. The Bombay is the most common breed in this shade and is such a black cat with yellow eyes that resembles a panther cub.

In addition to it, there are many other breeds that you can find in black color:

Persian cat
exotic cat
Maine Coon
English Shorthair Cat
SRD cats (no defined breed) and others.
Amber eyes

Remember how we said Bombay has yellow eyes? This is a common feature of black cats.

This is because the black hue of the hair is due to the high production of melanin, the protein responsible for coloring the skin and hair. This production also impacts on the color of the eyes, which gain this golden or amber tone.

Cats were sacred animals

In Ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred animals and therefore needed to be cared for and adored. The Egyptian goddess of fertility and love, Bastet was even represented as a woman with the head and various body parts of a black cat.

There is a day on the calendar for the black cat

Because of prejudice and mistreatment that black cats suffer, North Americans created Black Cat Day, which is August 17th.

The event was called Black Cat Appreciation Day and it was broadcast around the world. The aim was to make the population aware of the importance of adopting black cats, which were discriminated against by mythical beliefs.

A very sad fact is that prejudice is so great that in the United States it was forbidden to adopt black cats on dates close to Halloween (Halloween). Records show that at that time the brutal sacrifice of these animals increased.

They can get rust hairs

Depending on the genetics of the black cat, the color of the fur can lighten with exposure to the sun and get a rusty tone. This happens if he has a dominant piebald gene, which causes melanin to break down. It’s the same thing that happens to our skin when we expose ourselves to the sun. We get tanned and the black cat gets reddish.

If your pet is getting more rust-colored hair, without it getting enough sun for that, look for a veterinarian.

Reasons to adopt a black cat

The reasons for adopting a black cat are the same as for any hair color: they are cute, great companions and can brighten up the home. And you’ll still be giving a home to a pet in need!

However, when we talk about a black cat, some things are different:

you do a good deed

As we said, black cats are less sought after in adoption shelters. If you take one home, you can save one’s life and have a companion for many years, in addition to being able to give love to an animal that is usually rejected.

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